Primary Site name: AMMAN/CITADEL
Other Site Names: JADIS: 2315002, Amman Citadel, AMMAN / CITADEL
Governorate: AMMAN Sub-governorate: Al-Jam'ah
MEGA Number: 2682
Site Map:
Coordinates (Long Lat): 35.93287 31.95682, 35.9331 31.95682, 35.93329 31.95682, 35.93345 31.95678, 35.93377 31.95669, 35.9339 31.95664, 35.934 31.9566, 35.93405 31.95656, 35.93426 31.95648, 35.93466 31.95628, 35.93499 31.95599, 35.9351 31.9559, 35.93518 31.95568, 35.93526 31.95555, 35.93542 31.95525, 35.93558 31.95509, 35.93579 31.95492, 35.93592 31.95484, 35.93633 31.95455, 35.9365 31.9545, 35.93669 31.95451, 35.93722 31.95459, 35.93738 31.95465, 35.93756 31.95467, 35.93784 31.95474, 35.93807 31.95479, 35.93823 31.95485, 35.93893 31.95492, 35.93901 31.95489, 35.93909 31.95481, 35.93922 31.95431, 35.93916 31.95424, 35.93884 31.95411, 35.93866 31.95408, 35.93812 31.95402, 35.93787 31.95397, 35.93765 31.95397, 35.93737 31.95392, 35.93722 31.95388, 35.93681 31.95382, 35.93661 31.95375, 35.93649 31.9537, 35.93604 31.9536, 35.93583 31.95345, 35.93547 31.95327, 35.93501 31.95306, 35.93467 31.95303, 35.93444 31.95313, 35.93423 31.95315, 35.93405 31.95326, 35.93383 31.95369, 35.93372 31.9538, 35.9336 31.95392, 35.93348 31.95408, 35.93339 31.95435, 35.93334 31.95463, 35.93329 31.95475, 35.93324 31.95496, 35.93313 31.95522, 35.93296 31.9558, 35.93284 31.95615, 35.93282 31.95626, 35.93274 31.95644, 35.93278 31.95669, 35.93277 31.95669, 35.93287 31.95682
Total Area (m²): 108128.1; Perimeter (m): 1718
Buffer Zone (m): 0
Period(s) Recorded for Site:
9022 (Early Bronze III); 9023 (Early Bronze IV (EB-MB)); 9026 (Middle Bronze IIb-c); 9031 (Iron Age I); 9032 (Iron Age IIa-b); 9033 (Iron Age IIc); 9039 (Hellenistic, Unspecified); 9043 (Nabataean, Unspecified); 9045 (Roman, Late); 9048 (Byzantine, Late); 9050 (Islamic, Umayyad); 9051 (Islamic, Abbasid); 9052 (Islamic, Fatimid); 9053 (Islamic, Ayyubid); 9054 (Islamic, Mamluk); 9058 (Ottoman, Late); 9999 (Unspecified/Unknown Period)
DoA Office Responsible:
Department of Antiquities, Amman
Site Investigators:
Investigator(s): 2007-2008 Data, DOA; None
Investigation Date: None
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Site Significance:
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Record History:
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Record Created On July 1, 2010
Record Review Status:
Status: Approved
Reviewer: None
Review Date: None
The following 42 site element(s) have been recognized at this site:
MEGA NumberElement TypePeriod(s) Recorded for Site Element:
14714308 Temple
9045 Roman, Late
14715515 Tower
9053 Islamic, Ayyubid
14716515 Tower
9053 Islamic, Ayyubid
14717301 Church/Chapel
9048 Byzantine, Late
14718301 Church/Chapel
9048 Byzantine, Late
14719304 Mosque
9050 Islamic, Umayyad
14720826 Souk/Market
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
14722838 Water Structure, Reservoir (Birket)
9050 Islamic, Umayyad
14723514 Settlement, No Fortifications (Village)
9058 Ottoman, Late
14724603 Kiln
9050 Islamic, Umayyad
14725308 Temple
9045 Roman, Late
14726899 Unspecified/Unknown General Site Element (Specify)
9033 Iron Age IIc
14727901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9043 Nabataean, Unspecified
14728308 Temple
9033 Iron Age IIc
14729834 Water Structure, Aqueduct
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
14730513 Settlement, Fortified
9045 Roman, Late
14731418 Tomb, Rock-cut Shaft
9026 Middle Bronze IIb-c
14732901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9031 Iron Age I
14733835 Water Structure, Cistern
9050 Islamic, Umayyad
14734499 Unspecified/Unknown Funerary
9026 Middle Bronze IIb-c
14735902 Sherd/Flint Scatter or Other Material Culture (Excavated)
9023 Early Bronze IV (EB-MB)
14736703 Inscription, Greek
9045 Roman, Late
14737902 Sherd/Flint Scatter or Other Material Culture (Excavated)
9033 Iron Age IIc
14738901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9053 Islamic, Ayyubid
14739899 Unspecified/Unknown General Site Element (Specify)
9039 Hellenistic, Unspecified
14740513 Settlement, Fortified
9050 Islamic, Umayyad
14741902 Sherd/Flint Scatter or Other Material Culture (Excavated)
9032 Iron Age IIa-b
14742304 Mosque
9050 Islamic, Umayyad
14743513 Settlement, Fortified
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
14744901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
14745830 Tabun
9050 Islamic, Umayyad
14746901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9039 Hellenistic, Unspecified
14747304 Mosque
9052 Islamic, Fatimid
14748901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9054 Islamic, Mamluk
14749902 Sherd/Flint Scatter or Other Material Culture (Excavated)
9022 Early Bronze III
14750515 Tower
9053 Islamic, Ayyubid
14751513 Settlement, Fortified
9051 Islamic, Abbasid
14752513 Settlement, Fortified
9048 Byzantine, Late
14753301 Church/Chapel
9048 Byzantine, Late
14754838 Water Structure, Reservoir (Birket)
9050 Islamic, Umayyad
14755511 Palace
9050 Islamic, Umayyad
14721511 Palace
9050 Islamic, Umayyad
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