Primary Site name: UMM EL-BIYARA
Other Site Names: JADIS: 1997022, ام البيارة , ام البياره
Governorate: MAAN Sub-governorate: Petra
MEGA Number: 4273
Site Map:
Coordinates (Long Lat): 35.43351 30.32637, 35.43338 30.32661, 35.43301 30.32731, 35.43313 30.32749, 35.43329 30.32766, 35.43379 30.32772, 35.43417 30.32759, 35.43444 30.32739, 35.43468 30.32714, 35.43476 30.32683, 35.43482 30.32651, 35.43474 30.32622, 35.43469 30.32596, 35.43456 30.32582, 35.4344 30.32568, 35.43412 30.32557, 35.43396 30.32575, 35.43366 30.32609, 35.43351 30.32637
Total Area (m²): 26342.9; Perimeter (m): 632.3
Buffer Zone (m): 0
Period(s) Recorded for Site:
9032 (Iron Age IIa-b); 9033 (Iron Age IIc); 9043 (Nabataean, Unspecified); 9046 (Roman, Unspecified); 9999 (Unspecified/Unknown Period)
DoA Office Responsible:
Ma’an Antiquities Office
Site Investigators:
Investigator(s): Abdullah Rawashdeh, DOA; Piotr Bienkowski, Manchester university; Stephan Schmid, Humboldt university; Ahmad Marafi, DOA
Investigation Date: None
Site Comments: [e.g., accuracy of coordinates; directions to Site]
يمكن الوصول للموقع عبر درج حجري من قصر البنت / البتراء بطول 3 كم تقريبا وهو عبارة عن هضبة مرتفعة تطل على مدينة البتراء حيث كانت عبارة عن ملاذ امن لسكان البتراء من الغزو الخارجي .
Site Significance:
Scientific Value Extremely important. Umm al –Biyara is the strategic key for controlling the petra area , permanent settlement in petra was only possible due to the control of umm al biyara .
Historical Value
Aesthetic Value
Social Value
Spiritual Value
Record History:
Last Modified By Samar Habahbeh
Last Modified On July 1, 2015
Record Created On July 1, 2010
Record Review Status:
Status: Under Review
Reviewer: None
Review Date: None
The following 12 site element(s) have been recognized at this site:
MEGA NumberElement TypePeriod(s) Recorded for Site Element:
20697514 Settlement, No Fortifications (Village)
9033 Iron Age IIc
20698834 Water Structure, Aqueduct
9043 Nabataean, Unspecified
20699825 Statue/Sculpture/Bas-Relief
9043 Nabataean, Unspecified
20700706 Inscription, Nabataean
9043 Nabataean, Unspecified
20701835 Water Structure, Cistern
9043 Nabataean, Unspecified
20702899 Unspecified/Unknown General Site Element (Specify)
9043 Nabataean, Unspecified
20703514 Settlement, No Fortifications (Village)
9032 Iron Age IIa-b
20704306 Sanctuary
9043 Nabataean, Unspecified
20705411 Grave
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
20706901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9046 Roman, Unspecified
59004511 Palace
9043 Nabataean, Unspecified
59005511 Palace
9043 Nabataean, Unspecified
Site References:
Primary AuthorDateTitle
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BENNETT C.-M.1966(BENNETT C.-M.), Notes and News. (Umm el-Biyarah)
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