Primary Site name: HAMMEH
Other Site Names: JADIS: 2020107
Governorate: IRBID Sub-governorate: Al-Agwar Al-Shamalyah
MEGA Number: 9644
Site Map:
Coordinates (Long Lat): 35.59937 32.47171, 35.59937 32.47183, 35.59952 32.47183, 35.59952 32.47171, 35.59937 32.47171
Total Area (m²): 198.8; Perimeter (m): 56.4
Buffer Zone (m): 0
Period(s) Recorded for Site:
9023 (Early Bronze IV (EB-MB)); 9039 (Hellenistic, Unspecified); 9044 (Roman, Early); 9049 (Byzantine, Unspecified); 9051 (Islamic, Abbasid); 9052 (Islamic, Fatimid); 9999 (Unspecified/Unknown Period)
DoA Office Responsible:
Irbid Antiquities office
Site Investigators:
Investigator(s): JADIS IMPORT, DOA; None
Investigation Date: None
Site Comments: [e.g., accuracy of coordinates; directions to Site]
Site Significance:
Scientific Value
Historical Value
Aesthetic Value
Social Value
Spiritual Value
Record History:
Last Modified By
Last Modified On
Record Created On July 1, 2010
Record Review Status:
Status: Under Review
Reviewer: None
Review Date: None
The following 9 site element(s) have been recognized at this site:
MEGA NumberElement TypePeriod(s) Recorded for Site Element:
42038901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9052 Islamic, Fatimid
42039901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9044 Roman, Early
42040899 Unspecified/Unknown General Site Element (Specify)
9049 Byzantine, Unspecified
42041901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
42042901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9049 Byzantine, Unspecified
42043408 Cemetery
9023 Early Bronze IV (EB-MB)
42044901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9023 Early Bronze IV (EB-MB)
42045901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9039 Hellenistic, Unspecified
42046901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9051 Islamic, Abbasid
Site References:
Primary AuthorDateTitle
GLUECK N.1951Explorations in Eastern Palestine IV , New Haven. (AASOR 25-28 =EEP4)
IBRAHIM M. ET AL.1976The East Jordan Valley Survey, 1975
RICHMOND J.1934Khirbet Fahil
SCHUMACHER G.1888Pella of the Decapolis , London.
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This report summarizes the existing information in the system and should never be regarded as a final statement on the archaeological site being considered, nor should it be substituted for an on-site survey.