Primary Site name: MAKHAYYAT
Other Site Names: المخيط, MUKHAYYAT, JADIS: 2212003, Khirbat al-Mukhayyat, al Mukhayat, al-Mukhaiat
Governorate: MADABA Sub-governorate: Feisaliyeh
MEGA Number: 11184
Site Map:
Coordinates (Long Lat): 35.74199 31.74714, 35.74223 31.7477, 35.7424 31.74795, 35.74253 31.74821, 35.74268 31.74844, 35.74278 31.74882, 35.74367 31.75157, 35.74467 31.75148, 35.74518 31.7505, 35.74577 31.75001, 35.74561 31.7496, 35.74518 31.74925, 35.74474 31.74845, 35.74437 31.74813, 35.74419 31.74749, 35.74404 31.74723, 35.74363 31.74711, 35.74256 31.74662, 35.74226 31.74693, 35.74199 31.74714
Total Area (m²): 96907.8; Perimeter (m): 1402.8
Buffer Zone (m): 0
Period(s) Recorded for Site:
9002 (Paleolithic, Middle ); 9003 (Paleolithic, Upper); 9019 (Early Bronze I); 9022 (Early Bronze III); 9031 (Iron Age I); 9032 (Iron Age IIa-b); 9033 (Iron Age IIc); 9034 (Iron Age III (Persian)); 9035 (Iron Age, Unspecified); 9038 (Hellenistic, Late); 9039 (Hellenistic, Unspecified); 9046 (Roman, Unspecified); 9047 (Byzantine, Early); 9048 (Byzantine, Late); 9049 (Byzantine, Unspecified); 9050 (Islamic, Umayyad); 9060 (Modern (1915-1950)); 9999 (Unspecified/Unknown Period)
DoA Office Responsible:
Madaba Antiquities Office
Site Investigators:
Investigator(s): samar habahbeh, DOA; Annlee Dolan, Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy and San Joaquin Delta College; Debra Foran, Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy and San Joaquin Delta College; Gaetano palumbo, WMF
Investigation Date: None
Site Comments: [e.g., accuracy of coordinates; directions to Site]
Site Significance:
Scientific Value The diversity and intactness of Khirbat al-Mukhayyat render it as having high scientific value. Not only does the site contain intact remains ranging from the Ottoman to Iron Age Periods (and potentially earlier), but it contains many site elements including churches, cisterns, rock-cut installations, fortification walls, and domestic architecture. This site also has very high "group value," and our research will integrate the religious importance of the site and the surrounding area with its economic significance and thus demonstrate the link between pilgrimage and trade in this region, throughout multiple time periods (Debra Foran)
Historical Value Khirbat al-Mukhayyat's historical value can be illustrated by the physically intact nature of its remains. Due to the fact that these remains date to a wide range of time periods, it demonstrates that this site (and surrounding region) maintained an important social, economic, religious and strategic location throughout millennia. The site is also known in historical documentation, such as the Mesha Inscription and thus can be associated with this Moabite king, and others relayed in that account. (Debra Foran)
Aesthetic Value The aesthetic value of the site is high. The position of the Church of Saint George atop the acropolis, with its intact north entryway, provide a stunning backdrop when the site is entered from the north. Though excavations are in their infancy, the excavation of a tell site has the potential to expose many centuries of occupation beneath the aforementioned church, which could provide visitors with a unique glimpse into the history of occupation of the site. Additionally, the remaining mosaics in the Church of Lot and Procopius are of aesthetic value.(Debra Foran)
Social Value The social value of Khirbat al-Mukhayyat is quite significant. The Church of Lot and Procopius at the entrance to the site proper is already visited by tourists and those making a pilgrimage to Mount Nebo. Due to the religious significance of the site, the social value is large and has the potential to attract international visitors on the global scale. Local residents also visit the area around the site for leisure activities such as hunting and picnicking.(Debra Foran)
Spiritual Value The spiritual value of Khirbat al-Mukhayyat is well documented and known to have exist from the Byzantine Period, and still remains today. However, textual evidence such as the Mesha Inscription also indicates that this site contained religious structures in the Iron Age.(Debra Foran)
Record History:
Last Modified By Samar Habahbeh
Last Modified On March 28, 2017
Record Created On July 1, 2010
Record Review Status:
Status: Under Review
Reviewer: None
Review Date: None
The following 41 site element(s) have been recognized at this site:
MEGA NumberElement TypePeriod(s) Recorded for Site Element:
50037835 Water Structure, Cistern
9046 Roman, Unspecified
50036901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9033 Iron Age IIc
50039513 Settlement, Fortified
9034 Iron Age III (Persian)
50034505 Cave/Shelter
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
50031514 Settlement, No Fortifications (Village)
9060 Modern (1915-1950)
50038899 Unspecified/Unknown General Site Element (Specify)
9002 Paleolithic, Middle
50041408 Cemetery
9060 Modern (1915-1950)
50035901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9046 Roman, Unspecified
50030405 Burial, in Natural Cave
9019 Early Bronze I
50054405 Burial, in Natural Cave
9022 Early Bronze III
50056901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9032 Iron Age IIa-b
50049417 Tomb, Rock-cut with Simple Entrance or Dromos
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
50053303 Monastery
9048 Byzantine, Late
50043703 Inscription, Greek
9048 Byzantine, Late
50052835 Water Structure, Cistern
9003 Paleolithic, Upper
50047505 Cave/Shelter
9049 Byzantine, Unspecified
50051835 Water Structure, Cistern
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
50050835 Water Structure, Cistern
9039 Hellenistic, Unspecified
50055206 Press, Wine
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
50044835 Water Structure, Cistern
9002 Paleolithic, Middle
50042899 Unspecified/Unknown General Site Element (Specify)
9039 Hellenistic, Unspecified
58465301 Church/Chapel
9047 Byzantine, Early
50046408 Cemetery
9049 Byzantine, Unspecified
50032901 Sherd/Flint Surface Scatter (Unexcavated)
9031 Iron Age I
50048408 Cemetery
9050 Islamic, Umayyad
50045816 Mosaic
9048 Byzantine, Late
50033301 Church/Chapel
9048 Byzantine, Late
50040838 Water Structure, Reservoir (Birket)
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
58466301 Church/Chapel
9049 Byzantine, Unspecified
59129411 Grave
9049 Byzantine, Unspecified
60298833 Wall, unspecified
9039 Hellenistic, Unspecified
60299805 Cupmarks/Cupholes
9046 Roman, Unspecified
60300801 Baths
9046 Roman, Unspecified
60301835 Water Structure, Cistern
9046 Roman, Unspecified
64912299 Unspecified/Unknown Agricultural Structure
9038 Hellenistic, Late
64913299 Unspecified/Unknown Agricultural Structure
9038 Hellenistic, Late
64914833 Wall, unspecified
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
64915833 Wall, unspecified
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
64916833 Wall, unspecified
9999 Unspecified/Unknown Period
64917833 Wall, unspecified
9035 Iron Age, Unspecified
69791833 Wall, unspecified
9035 Iron Age, Unspecified
9038 Hellenistic, Late
Site References:
Primary AuthorDateTitle
KNAUF E.A.1984Bemerkungen zur fruhen Geschichte der arabischen Orthographie, I. Eine ubersehene fruhhocharabische Inschrift vom Nordostrand des Toten Meeres
LEMAIRE P.1935Une eglise dediee a Saint Georges decouverte a Khirbet Mekhayet= La Terre Sainte,p.194-197,4 figs.
LEMAIRE P.1934Mosaiques et inscriptions d'el-Mehayet
PICCIRILLO M.1973Campagna archeologica a Khirbet el-Mukhayyet (Citta del Nebo)
SALLER S.J. & BAGATTI B.1949The Town of Nebo (Khirbet el-Mekhayyat), with a Brief Survey ofOther Ancient Monuments in Transjordan , Jerusalem
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